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Micro HDMI to Standard HDMI 30cm extension cable

Micro HDMI to Standard HDMI 30cm extension cable
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This cable is for Male standard HDMI A port to male Micro HDMI D port adapter
Weight is 6g
The length of cable:30cm
Compatible with HDMI 1.4a regulation
Designed according to HDMI1.4 standard, and tested perfectly before it goes to market.

It is designed according to HDMI 1.4 standard strictly, the distribution order of cable designed according to differential signal cable in pair totally which is good for signal isolation, it avoids signal interference to the utmost extent and the color restoration is excellent.
If one or two wires are broken among the cable number of 2, 5, 8, 11, 17,it will be no problem for displaying in a real test on some of the cameras, such as SONY NEX5N, so you can’t say that the cable is good or bad by only testing it on a camera. The cables with one or two wires broken inside will lead to hue erro, out of sync, even no image displaying etc in a real use.

All of the HDMI cables we made strictly according to differential transmission scheme, every set of signal wire isolated through the signal ground of itself. In order to make it simple and easy, some factories on the market connected the signal ground together simply, although the appearance of the cable looks same, the signal interference comes from motor or other electronic device will lead to low image quality when it is used for FPV flight.


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