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RCD3015M HDMI to AV converter with Micro HDMI connector

RCD3015M HDMI to AV converter with Micro HDMI connector
  • Features

  • • Features
    • The first exclusive worldwide
    With Micro HDMI connector, Supports Sony @5000, Sony@6000, gopro3, it also supports taking photo and video remotely, supports PAL or NSTC output options




1.    Set the camera HDMI output to autoresolution mode.

2.    Set the video mode to infrared remotecontrol mode.

3.    Connect RCD3015M HDMI converter with thecamera, connect the servo cable of shutter controlling with the remote controlreceiver.

4.    Initialize the Camera by pressing theshutter once to get the camera out of review mode.

5.    Install the optical fiber on RCD3015Mconverter, stick the other end of the optical fiber over the window of infraredreceiver on the camera.

Important Note: 

You need to have a transmitter with a 3position switch. Map this 3 position switch to a spare channel and connect theservo cable from the RCD3015M to this channel. If there is no connection, RCD3015Mworks only as a HDMI to AV converter.


The control of 3-pos switch:

    1. Up: Takes a photo(Shutter is pressed)

    2. Middle:Shutter isoff / Recording is off

    3. Down: Videorecording is on.

It is very important that the 3-positionswitch is set in the middle (neutral) position before you power up your RCD3015Mconverter. ( Note : RCD3015M powers up when you turn on the camera or powersupply of reciever) When the shutter control 3-pos switch is in themiddle(stop/neutral) position, the red LED is on constantly. If there isno signal from the receiver, the red LED flashes 4 times per second, it remindscustomer to check if the receiver is powered and the transmitter is turned on.


Taking Photos

Toggle the 3-POS switch from middleposition to the up position, the camera will start taking photos until the3-POS switch is toggled to the middle position. In this mode the red LEDflashes 2 times per second.

Recording video:

Toggle the 3-POS switch from the middleposition to down position, the camera starts recording a video till the 3-POSswitch is toggled to the middle position. Video is saved in this position. Inthis mode, the RED LED blinks continuously.


There must be a 5 second interval betweeneach operation of the 3-POS switch. e.g. Switching from neutral to recordingposition and then back to neutral (recording stop). Please wait for 5 secondsbetween each mode change. The 5 second interval is required by the camerafirmware. It allows the camera to clear the buffer and safely write the videofile to storage. Operating the the 3-POS switch without observing the 5 secondgap will cause the camera to hang and can result in corrupt video files.

RCD3015M - Input voltage must not exceed 6volts. Do not connect a high voltage receiver to RCD3015M. The receiver powersupply should be between 4.8V-6V, Operation beyond 6 Volts will result indamage the unit and potentially the camera and voids all warranties. 


Compatibility list:

 sony@5000;sony@6000 ;


Packing List

RCD3015M converter module  1 piece
Black red yellow AV cable  1 piece
60cm long, 0.75mm PMMA optical fiber cable 1 piece (Only 15cm  is requiredfor normal operation)