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RCD3015G Professional HDMI to AV Interface with Remote Control

RCD3015G Professional HDMI to AV Interface with Remote Control
  • Features

  • RCD3015G offers all the functionality of RCD3013 and adds full remote shutter control. Utilizing the 3 positionswitch on a standard radio control transmitter, users can now choose to take a photo or video while in flight, conserving battery and recording

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RCD3015G is an enhanced version of our highly regarded RCD3013 HDMI to AV interface. Remote control of the camera is now possible via the 3 position switch from the radio control transmitter.

e.g. on most Futaba or JR transmitters it is possible to assign the 3 position switch to channel 7 or some spare channel. 

RCD3015G senses the position of this switch and either takes a photo or records a video. 

With RCD3015G the model flyer has full control of the camera's operations while in flight. Conserving valuable storage space and battery life.

RCD3015G offers full support for SONY NEX 5N,5R,5T,6R,7N,7R

RCD3015G has been fully optimized to fit the SONY NEX series making installation a breeze.




Initial Settings:

  1. Set the camera HDMI output to auto resolution mode.
  2. Set the video mode to infrared remote control mode.
  3. Connect RCD3015G HDMI converter with the camera, connect the servo cable of shutter controlling with the remote control receiver.
  4. Initialize the Camera by pressing the shutter once to get the camera out of review mode.
  5. Install the optical fiber on RCD3015G converter, stick the other end of the optical fiber over the window of infrared receiver on the camera.

Important Note: 

You need to have a transmitter with a 3 position switch. Map this 3 position switch to a spare channel and connect the servo cable from the RCD3015G to this channel. If there is no connection, RCD3015G works only as a HDMI to AV converter.

The control of 3-pos switch:

    1. Up: Takes a photo (Shutter is pressed)

    2. Middle:Shutter is off / Recording is off

    3. Down: Video recording is on.

It is very important that the 3-position switch is set in the middle (neutral) position before you power up your RCD3015G converter. ( Note : RCD3015G powers up when you turn on the camera or power supply of reciever) When the shutter control 3-pos switch is in the middle(stop/neutral) position, the red LED is on constantly. If there is no signal from the receiver, the red LED flashes 4 times per second, it reminds customer to check if the receiver is powered and the transmitter is turned on.

Taking Photos:

Toggle the 3-POS switch from middle position to the up position, the camera will start taking photos until the 3-POS switch is toggled to the middle position. In this mode the red LED flashes 2 times per second.

Recording video:

Toggle the 3-POS switch from the middle position to down position, the camera starts recording a video till the 3-POS switch is toggled to the middle position. Video is saved in this position. In this mode, the RED LED blinks continuously.


There must be a 5 second interval between each operation of the 3-POS switch. e.g. Switching from neutral to recording position and then back to neutral (recording stop). Please wait for 5 seconds between each mode change. The 5 second interval is required by the camera firmware. It allows the camera to clear the buffer and safely write the video file to storage. Operating the the 3-POS switch without observing the 5 second gap will cause the camera to hang and can result in corrupt video files.

RCD3015G - Input voltage must not exceed 6 volts. Do not connect a high voltage receiver to RCD3015G. The receiver power supply should be between 4.8V-6V, Operation beyond 6 Volts will result in damage the unit and potentially the camera and voids all warranties. 

Compatibility list:

Full support for both of SONY 50i and 60i series.

Fully tested to work with SONY NEX-5, 5N,5R,5T,5TL,6R,7N,7R. Nikon D90,D3X.

Packing List:

3015G converter module  1 piece
Black red yellow AV cable  1 piece
60cm long, 0.75mm PMMA optical fiber cable 1 piece (Only 15cm  is required for normal operation)