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Established in 2009, Beijing Really Clever Device Co.,Ltd is an OEM manufacturer and Industrial Design House. Our heritage is in Radio Control and RF Technology Enablement. Our OEM operations specialized in the research, development and production of products for the Radio Control Models and Remotely Piloted Vehicle (RPV) Industry. Our Helicopter Optical Tachometer has become the de facto rotor timing tool in the industry.  
We diversified into Industrial design and undertook bespoke design projects for both the domestic and international market. We have numerous successful projects in use in America and Switzerland with full compliance to international RF standards. In 2013, we established the Australian chapter of our OEM operations, where our focus is working with Enterprise for competitive edge. We are the affordable R&D arm for the Enterprise.
We are located in Beijing, China with convenient transportation access. International customers can also contact our Sydney office in Australia.
Please feel free to contact us to discuss your custom requirements.

RCDevice Technology - Australia

RCDevice Technology extends our Chinese OEM operations to Oceania. We are based in Australia and our mission is to be the outsourced Research and Development house for Industry. We specialise in short run concept development. If you have been struggling to bring a product concept to fruition due to limited budget then don’t hesitate to speak with us. In a nut shell we are the “Foxconn” for small industry.
We are able to take your product development from concept to prototype in very tight windows. Our team of specialist include:
1) Bespoke Board level development to exacting dimensions and tolerances fully compliant to latest FCC/RF/CE standards.
2) Custom short run production
3) Competitive volume production
4) End to end product design – packaging housing
5) Logistics – Customer Fulfilment from our manufacturing bases in China.

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